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This site, along with jeannettejayhawksfootball.blogspot.com is truly, and I mean truly a passion of mine. Not only do I enjoy watching the games and cheering for our teams, I also enjoy bringing that action, and memories to you. I've always felt that we should have some sort of database, full with Jayhawk memories for all to enjoy, and this website is the solid beginning of just that. Imagine being able to access this info for years and years to come? When my grandchildren ask me about Terrelle, I want to be able to show them all this, and you know they are gonna ask! And as far as that goes, Terrelle can show his grandchildren where he got his start.

But to get to the point, these projects are growing rapidly. Very rapidly, which is a partial reason, for this new media site. And with this ever growing media collection, I can only provide so much, and be able to keep it free. I've actually already spent personal funds, to get this portion up and running, you will notice that most of the images and movies are actually hosted on flickr.com. Which I've purchased a pro account on. With this pro account, you will get a better streaming video play, and the storage for images are unlimited. And with the blog site, I've already purchased a pro account at photobucket.com to handle it's growing needs, as well.

So as hard as I tried to keep both sites free, I have come to terms with myself in realizing that it has become impossible to continue both and remain free of charge. So I decided to install a donation button instead, to help curb the cost of these projects.

If you truly enjoy the fruits of my passion, and would like for them all to stay intact for yourselves or even your grandchildren, then please consider a donation to continue these memories for generations to come!

You can help this project by clicking on the donate button below. Donations will go towards all expenses involved with these sites, and these sites only!

Donation's will be a "one time" occurrence, it will not deduct automatically from your personal account every month. You can donate more than once though, if you wish.

Thanks for your support,
Let's Go Hawks!!

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